There is innumerable security software available in the market today, each with a specific set of features with additions made as the internet landscape keeps changing. It is important that one understands one’s requirement well and to compare the several products available to ensure you get the best firewall protection, anti-malware protection, anti-phishing protection, anti-spam protection, parental control, and backup software.

This would also enable you in understanding how to keep your PC safe, find out exactly what software you need for your specific requirement,  compare the many programs available, as well as consider the various free anti-virus software available, and go beyond the verbiage to actually understand what each software offers against the claims that they make.

Webroot Antivirus Computer Software boasts of using an award winning technology and is one among the best in the industry. The Spy Sweeper which it provides is meant to find and destroy more virus and spies than any other antivirus software. This product provides protection against threats very effectively and blocks, and removes them easily. Even the most dangerous threats are handled effectively by providing multi-layer protection. Webroot Antivirus also provides “Zero- Hour” Protection – zero-hour means the time taken for your PC to respond to a virus is zero.

The Norton internet security has excellent performance, solid firewall, and makes little impact on the speed or efficiency of your computer. The problems with the Norton Internet security could be poor spam filter, and a dark (background) interface which can be hard to read.

The Bit Defender Antivirus is good budget internet security software and is less expensive than many other security suites. It has a good spam filter as well. However it has noticeable impact on the computer performance and it has slow scan speeds.

Zonealarm gives effective basic security for your PC. This software provides safety of the dynamic firewall while exercising control over applications used on the internet. This provides comprehensive antivirus protection, email security, wireless PC protection and network and program firewall. The installation process is also easy and simple. The cons include inability to detect spyware or instant messenger attacks, and reduced speed during operation. However, it has the superior capability of detecting the most recent and hostile attacks and removing them.

AVG antivirus has the superior capability of providing social networking protection, which means that when there is an exchange of links on the Social networking sites this scans and protects the system against virus. In addition the AVG LinkScanner® Search-Shield ensures the safety of the web pages your employees visits even before they get there and informs you of safety ratings in search engine results before you enter the site. AVG LinkScanner® Superior Phishing protection Ensures emails and web pages are genuine. AVG Anti-spam makes sure Phishers and spammers cannot clog your workstations and servers.

Kaspersky has an easy to use interface, and protects home as well as advanced users.  It has many great features that are generally not matched by its competition.