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Review of Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Cleanup security suites focus on cleaning up the system from malware rather than providing full time protection. In normal cases, a robust anti-virus program makes a cleanup suite redundant. However, at times, active malware may prevent installation of full-scale antivirus, or system constraints may prevent running a full-blow anti virus software. In such situations, utility cleanup security suites become handy.

Among the various cleanup suites in the offing, Comodo Cleaning Essentials ranks high in the list as a proven remover of active malware, including rootkits.

Specs wise, Comodo Cleaning Essentials comes with malware-sensitive autorun analyzer and an advanced Task Manager replacement. The suite has a neat and simple main window with three options: smart scan, full scan, and custom scan. The configuration settings are also few and simple, and for most users, the default settings would work best.

The full scan is the recommended mode to remove active malware. The suite reboots the system to launch itself ahead of any rootkits and then runs a full antivirus signature update. It reports the threats found and by default cleanses each threat, disinfects infected files and deletes wholly malicious ones. The interface allows ignoring specific files or reporting any file to the Comodo research lab. After the cleanup, the suite does another reboot to confirm the cleanup.

The suite scores on being fully portable, requiring no installation. To top it all it is a freeware. Among the cons, it leaves behind many inactive malware traces even after purging the system of all threats, and the scan takes unusually long compared to other products in the market.


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